In April 2014 we talked about the Refrigerant Depot Buy Back Program.

Automart Wholesale Annouces New Refrigerant Buyback Program for R-22, R-410a, R-404a, R-134a, R-12

Since this time, we have grown our refrigerant buyback program by over 350% and our clients have given us positive feedback about our program. This program is designed to be turn-key and low hassle for all of our clients.

Our refrigerant buy back program includes the following:

  • We pay top dollar for your recovered non-mixed R-22 refrigerant
  • We will dispose of your other non-mixed refrigerants at no cost
  • Fast and free pickup for used cylinders
  • Free loans on replacement cylinders to make it easier for you to continue your refrigerant recovery
  • EPA approved recovery processes that protect the environment
  • Credits or cash for your used refrigerants

If have used refrigerants, want to make fast cash and help the environment, we want to help you make quick money.

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