RS-44b Refrigerant, 24 Pound Cylinder, Drop In Replacement for R22



RS-44b (R453a) is the newest R22 drop-in replacement refrigerant in the U.S. market. RS-44b has been sold worldwide for the past 5 years, branded as RS-70 outside the US. It is the closest replacement to R22 that operates with very similar discharge pressure, cooling capacity and flow rate as R22. It requires no oil or system component changes and has the lowest GWP of any HFC R22 replacement in the market at 1664 TAR. RS-44b is a PROVEN R-22 replacement now being manufactured in the United States. RS-44b (R453a) is an improved version of our very successful RS-44 (R424a) and has the following advantages.

In order to ship this refrigerant we require our EPA form to be filled out and returned along with a photocopy of a technician’s 608 license.
NOTE: Wholesalers/resale customers do not need the 608 licenses, but only to return our EPA form completed accordingly.