Honeywell Solstice R-448a 25 lb. cylinder


Honeywell Solstice N40 (R-448a) – 25 lbs Cylinder – We offer the best prices in the U.S.A. Price includes free shipping.

Dealerships please call (407) 896-9563 or email for even better pricing! 


The Honeywell Solstice N40 (R-448a) is a Zeotropic blend designed to serve as a replacement for R-404A in supermarket refrigeration retrofits or new systems.

R-448a is an excellent low-GWP, highly energy efficient and non-flammable refrigerant for low and medium temperature in commercial refrigeration: supermarket systems, vending machines (plug-ins) and other applications.


If you are located in Florida, are a retailer, or are interested in buying wholesale, please do not purchase through website. Instead contact us directly at 407-896-9563 or fill out the form.

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