R-22 is currently being phased out from production and there are several effects as far as pricing and availability for this refrigerant.

Since the Montreal Protocol was signed in 1987, it sets deadlines for the manufacturing of R-22.

Frequently Ask Questions About R-22

Can I still buy R22?
Yes. Although R-22 is no longer in production, you can still purchase existing supplies. We have current supplies of R-22 and you can still purchase our existing stock of R22.

What is R-22 Reclamation?
R22 Reclamation is the process of reclaiming R-22, and this also applies for other refrigerants for reuse. This is the most environmentally way to dispose of, and reuse refrigerant gases.

What is the Future of R22?
Since R-22 is no longer in production, the cost of R-22 will continue to rise as the supply of R-22 lessens.

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