Fall has arrived and refrigerant 22 prices continue to move upward based on lack of supply. Prices are expected to steadily rise in the short term.

On the opposite side to spectrum, many other refrigerants have dropped in price. R410a, R404a, and R134a prices fell throughout the summer based on unlimited supply and lack of demand. Those refrigerants now seem to have now reached the bottom.

R12 has become very difficult to keep in stock due to limited availability. There is still demand for R12 because classic cars are very hard to convert to R134a. Not only is it difficult to convert but it is also rarely as efficient as keeping the car original. Even though the cost of R12 is high, it is usually worth it.

Automart Wholesale also offers recovery and disposal service for all refrigerants. Please contact us about your recovery needs. We pay for unmixed R22 which can offset your purchase of virgin R22.